Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The Heroes Round Table. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Discussion rules

    1. Keep your table clean

      1. Discussion rules - Aka keep your table clean
        (Compulsory reading which applies sitewide!)

        No insults, profanities, vulgar words or foul language. The language used here is English - if you wish to use a different language, use the Foreign language thread in our Campfire forum.

        No warez/cracks or "I think that's an abandonware" discussions. No linking to warez or abandonware sources, except for confirmed cases where the copyright holder has released the game as free.

        This is a board for discussion of video games. No religious or political discussions are allowed, as they quickly turn to pure flame wars which often become a nightmare for all participants.

        No porn.

        Please keep from linking to too big pictures sa much as you can. Resize under 1MB and upload somewhere else, use services like, picasa webalbum, & many others).

        No spam!

        In case of panic, follow the herd mods. Ask a moderator/admin is you have any questions.

        Behave nicely, talk wisely. You will receive a warm welcome in the (voluntary) member info; come and introduce yourself thread.

        Welcome aboard, pilgrim! #
    2. General rules

      1. What are the general rules for posting on this forum?
        We prefer all posts to be on topic. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a thread or spam it. #
    3. Moderating complaints

      1. I have a question/complaint about the moderating on this forum!
        Send a Private Message (PM) to a moderator or admin with your question or complaint. Do not use public threads to discuss the moderation of this forum. Such posts might get deleted, and repeated offences might lead to a warning or, at worst, a ban. #
    4. Signatures limitations

      1. What signature I can use?
        For several reasons, there are restrictions on the use of signatures on the Round Table:

        1. Text is allowed, maximum amount is 3 lines of normal-sized text.
        2. Banners are not allowed.
        3. Small images are allowed, maximum height is 30 pixels.
        4. Animations are allowed, maximum file size is 10 kB.
        5. At this moment only two url links can be added to signature.

        We reserve the right to deem any signature inappropriate. Signatures not complying with these rules, or with requests by mods or admins to remove or alter them, will be deleted. #
  2. Board Control

    1. What about ranks?

      1. What about ranks?
        They are extensively used, based on post count. Here's a list:

        1-49 Leprechaun
        50-99 Peasant
        100-149 Pixie
        150-199 Scout
        200-249 Conscript
        250-299 Assassin
        300-350 Demon
        351-399 War Dancer
        400-449 Marksman
        450-499 Blood Fury
        500-549 Hunter
        550-599 Swordsman
        600-650 Golem
        650-699 Minotaur
        700-749 Spectre
        750-799 Raider
        800-849 Succubus
        850-899 Druid
        900-950 Vampire
        951-999 Archmage
        1000-1049 Genie
        1050-1099 Nightmare
        1100-1149 Archlich
        1150-1199 Rakshasa
        1200-1249 Pit Lord
        1250-1299 Wraith
        1300-1349 Devil
        1350-1400 Titan
        1400-1449 Archangel
        1450-1499 Dragon
        1500-? Round Table Hero

        In addition, there are a few special ranks:
        42 Galactic Gargle Blaster
        99 Super Peasant
        111 Big Nose
        169 Boy Scout
        222 Biclops
        256 Quinea Pig
        314 Pi
        388 Ballroom Dancer
        444 Heroic Hero
        470 Designer Baby
        512 Threeheaded Knight
        555 Evil Eye
        614 King Kong
        666 Lord of the High-Slung Bottoms of Zob
        747 Jumbo Jet
        777 Migrating Coconut
        842 D'oh
        888 Snowman
        935 Santa Gremlin
        999 Kalah Impersonator
        1024 1 GB RAM
        1066 Topless Naga Queen
        1111 Ballistae Repair Man
        1173 Dwarf-Eating Carrot
        1234 Giant Mutated Whale®
        1265 Dante
        1337 Orcish Librarian
        1362 Cyber Zombie
        1424 Clown
        1492 Columbus
        1972 Celestial
        more... Round Table Hero

        CH Founder (Angelspit)
        Site Admin (Kalah, CH Owner)
        CH Staff (Main Site Contributors)
        Heroes VI Lead Level Designer (Julien Pirou)
        Necrosorcerous Rex (CH Staff + Moderator Custom Title for Ethric)
        Perpetual Poster (ThunderTitan)
        Round Table Knight (Honourable Title for Special Members)
        Swordsman Who Walks (CH Staff + Moderator Custom Title for Gaidal Cain) #
    2. Smilies

      1. :) smile :)
        :-D big smile :-D
        :D smile_teeth :D
        ;) wink ;)
        :creative: creative :creative:
        :( sad :(
        :disagree: disagree :disagree:
        8| eyes wide open 8|
        :| confused :|
        :S lips wobbling :S
        :devious: devious :devious:
        :tired: tired :tired:
        :hoo: hoo :hoo:
        :yes: yes :yes:
        :no: no :no:
        :applause: applause :applause:
        :tongue: tongue :tongue:
        :up: up :up:
        :down: down :down:
        :left: left :left:
        :right: right :right:
        :canthear: canthear :canthear:
        :embarrased: embarrased :embarrased:
        :oex: overexcited :oex:
        :tsup: thumbs up :tsup:
        :tsdown: thumbs down :tsdown:
        :hug: hug :hug:
        :wall: wall banging :wall:
        :confused: confused :confused:

        The following smilies are not displayed directly on the post page
        :libra: libra :libra:
        :ashamed: ashamed :ashamed:
        :idea: idea :idea:
        :rofl: rofl :rofl:
        B-) sunglasses B-)
        :proud: proud :proud:
        ;| dontknow ;|
        :baby: baby :baby:
        :mad: mad :mad:
        :ill: ill :ill:
        :devil: devil :devil:
        :lol: lol :lol:
        :beg: begging :beg:
        :hail: hail :hail:
        :nervous: nervous :nervous:
        :shh: lips sealed :shh:
        :yummy: yummy :yummy:
        :loll: lol pointing :loll:
        :lolu: lol tears pointing :lolu:
        :smooch: smooch :smooch:
        :slap: slap :slap:
        :wave: waving :wave:
        :tongue: tongue :tongue:
        :what: surprised :what:
        :stop: stop :stop:
        :sad: sad moaping :sad:
        :cry: crying :cry:
        :rolleyes: rolling eyes :rolleyes:
        :grumpy: mad redface :grumpy:
        :flame: mad flaming :flame:
        :vomit: ill vomit :vomit:
        :rip: tombstone :rip:
        :angel: angel :angel:
        :beheading: beheading :beheading:
        :bored: bored :bored:
        :bug: bug :bug:
        :bugsquash: bugsquash :bugsquash:
        :butterfly: butterfly :butterfly:
        :canthearu: canthear :canthearu:
        :cantsee: cantsee :cantsee:
        :? dontunderstand :?
        :?? dontunderstandeh :??
        :x embarrassed_whistling :x
        :drama: drama :drama:
        :gong: gong :gong:
        :gun: gun :gun:
        :handshake: handshake :handshake:
        :hanged: hanged :hanged:
        :jester: jester :jester:
        :offtopic: offtopic :offtopic:
        :outoforder: outoforder :outoforder:
        :please: please :please:
        :proudirule: proud i rule :proudirule:
        :rumor: rumor :rumor:
        :scared: scared :scared:
        :sceptic: sceptic :sceptic:
        :snore: snore :snore:
        :surprised: surprised :surprised:
        :sweat: sweat :sweat:
        :thinking: thinking :thinking:
        :tonguehands: tonguehands :tonguehands:
        :victory: victory :victory:
        :o[ vampire :o[
        :babyorc: babyorc :babyorc:
        :joker: joker :joker:
        :iceblock: iceblock :iceblock:
        :mohaha: mohaha :mohaha:
        :anime: anime :anime:
        :?: ?? :?:
        :friskypirate: friskypirate :friskypirate:
        :gking: gking :gking:
        :gking2: gking2 :gking2:
        :pisces: pisces :pisces:
        :capricornus: capricornus :capricornus:
        :gemini: gemini :gemini:
        :taurus: taurus :taurus:
        :leo: leo :leo:
        :tiger: tiger :tiger:
        :panda: panda :panda:
        :P :P :P
        :drool: drool :drool:
        :sadeyes: sadeyes :sadeyes:
        :ff2all: firefox to all :ff2all: #
    3. phpBB FAQ

      1. Click on FAQ to read it! #
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